About us

Peppercorn Properties Sp. z o.o. specialises in acquiring land for commercial investments and provides complex management services during the entire investment process, starting from property potentials analysis, through design, construction and commercialisation of the so-called Convenience Shopping Centres. We also manage such properties upon their completion. The company operates across Poland.

Development projects carried out by Peppercorn Properties are located in medium-sized towns and cities. The commercialisation process is preceded by an in-depth analysis of the impact of localisation, competition, economic potential and customer profile. All these aspects help to create an optimal offer in line with the basic purchase needs, specific for each localisation.

The proved and up-to-date formula of commercial facilities created by Peppercorn Properties ensures that they have the potential to instantly become a place of choice for customers’ daily shopping with a wide range of impact. For tenants, it translates into regular and frequent customer traffic as well as the assurance that money invested in the new premises will pay back.


Jaromir Łaciński

Member of the Board

Participation in creating the company strategy and development plans.

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Dawid Silkinis


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Our company is managed by a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in real property industry.